Tobacco causes Global Warming

Scientist Who Spearheaded Attacks on Global Warming Also Directed $45M Tobacco Industry Effort to Hide Health Impacts of Smoking

— Scientist Who Spearheaded Attacks on Global Warming Science Also Directed $45 Million Tobacco Industry Effort to Hide Health Impacts of Smoking

— Former National Academy of Sciences President Admits Being Paid $585,000 by Tobacco Companies


The National Environmental Trust will host a press conference call THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 11 A.M. EST to discuss new revelations in the May issue of Vanity Fair (on newsstands today) linking one of the most prominent scientific skeptics on global warming and his tactics to the three-decade tobacco industry conspiracy to hide the connection between smoking and lung ailments – an effort that has led to billions of dollars in court judgments and legislation against the industry.


— Mark Hertsgaard, investigative journalist and author of Vanity Fair's May cover story, "While Washington Slept," will describe in detail how Dr. Frederick Seitz, a former president of the National Academy of Sciences and one of the most often-quoted skeptics on global warming, was paid over half a million dollars by the tobacco industry to obfuscate the connection between smoking and cancer. Seitz went on to spearhead a campaign to cast scientific doubt about global warming.

— Dr. James Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Science, will address the state of climate science and the disruptive role industry-backed skeptics have played in clouding the near-unanimous findings of global warming scientists.

— Phil Schiliro, Minority Chief of Staff, House Government Reform Committee, who staffed Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA) during the House investigation and subsequent House hearings where tobacco industry executives denied knowing about the addictive nature of cigarettes, will review the role of "tobacco science" in obscuring the truth and discuss its relevance to the global warming debate on Capitol Hill.

This briefing will be available as an audio file at by 2 p.m. April 13.

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