Disrobing Radical Judges


Block Bush's Radical-Right Judges

If you thought Alito's views were extreme, wait until you see who Bush has nominated for lifetime appointments to our other high courts.

Take action now!

Disrobe the Right: Block Bush's Radical Judges

Conservative groups are bent on continuing to swing the federal judiciary rightward, and are pushing for the lifetime confirmation of four more bad judges. President Bush is trying to revive his sagging poll numbers by throwing red meat to his conservative base — and if these judges are confirmed, we'll all be paying the price for decades to come.

Tell your Senators to reject these unqualified and unacceptably partisan nominations.

These nominees include:

  • Brett Kavanaugh, whose principal legal accomplishment was helping Kenneth Starr persecute Bill Clinton. Mr. Kavanuagh has never tried a case to verdict or judgment.
  • William Myers, who is opposed by a coalition of more than 180 organizations, and whose previous nomination was so controversial it was eventually stopped by a filibuster.
  • William J. Haynes, who served as the Department of Defense's principal defender of denying Geneva Convention protections to prisoners of the "war on terror," and indefinitely detaining U.S. citizens without the ability to challenge their detention.
  • Terrence Boyle, who has repeatedly ignored established law to dismiss discrimination claims, and has a record of hostility toward individual rights claims by African Americans and persons with disabilities.

These four justices need to be stopped — click here to tell your senators.

Regrettably, President Bush passed over numerous better-qualified judges known to be in the mainstream of conservative legal thinking. Instead, he seems to have chosen these particular four on the basis of their partisanship or adherence to the most radical tenets of conservative philosophy.

Let your Senators know — Bush has packed the courts enough already, and we don't need more radicals in robes on our nation's courts.

Then, please forward this email to everyone you know — friends, colleagues, email lists, bloggers, other activists, and even disenchanted conservatives! Broad grassroots opposition will make a huge difference in stopping these horrible nominations — and taking a few seconds to forward this message to some friends is the key to developing that opposition.

Thank you for working to build a better world.

Will Easton
ActForChange.com/ Working Assets

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