Bidding on Voters

May 8, 2006

A Request for Proposal (RFP) will be solicited by the

New York
State Office of General Services
On behalf of the

New York
State Board of Elections

Systems Integrator Implementation Assistance for NYSVoter II
(a Statewide Voter Registration System)

Announcement to Bidders

The Office of General Services Division of Financial Administration is now implementing a new process that will enable us to solicit bids electronically. All bid solicitation documents issued after 8/01/05 are being issued via the Bidder Notification System (BNS) of the Office of General Services Procurement Services Group. Under the new system, vendors register on the OGS web page to receive electronic notices of bid opportunities. The BNS will generate an email notice for bidding opportunities and post the bid solicitation documents on the website. Utilizing the BNS to solicit bids on the Internet enables us to quickly deliver bid documents to all registered vendors. Instructions for the registration process follow below.

Instructions for Online Vendor Registration

To register for the online Bidder Notification System complete the following two simple steps:

First Step: Go to and enter basic descriptive information about your business.
Second Step: Select all of the commodity or services classification areas for which you are interested in receiving bid notices.

By registering with the Office of General Services you accept certain liability with regard to receipt of announcements of bidding opportunities. Click here to review the Liability Statement.

When you register you may sign up for as few or as many of the bid opportunities that are of interest to you.


Each email notification that you will receive will include a brief description of the bid and a hotlink which will take you directly to the bid documents on our website. Each bid document will contain instructions to guide you in returning your bid.

Bid documents will be available through the Bid Calendar at our website whether or not you register for the Bidder Notification Service. However, registering is the only way you will receive the email notice and ensure that you receive bid solicitations, notice of updates, amendments or bid addenda if they occur.

Please note:

Designated Contact

In compliance with the Procurement Lobbying Law, a single point of contact at OGS will be named in the RFP document. Please do not contact the New York State Board of Elections with your questions.

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