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    The Green Party has continually opposed entry into war and has consistently called for the immediate return of our troops, in stark contrast to the Democratic and Republican parties.
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    Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? eBook

    Reflections on Occupy Wall Street, with photos, fun, and good wishes for the future. eBook, Occupy Wall Street: What Just Happened? (Only $.99 !) In the eBook, the Occupy movement is explored through original reporting, photographs, cartoons, poetry, essays, and reviews.The collection of essays and blog posts records the unfolding of Occupy into the culture from September 2011 to the present.  Authors Kimberly Wilder and Ian Wilder were early supporters of Occupy, using their internet platforms to communicate the changes being created by the American Autumn.

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By The Way, I’m A Green…


By The Way, I’m A Green…

Are you a member of the Green Party?

Do you also do a kazillion other activists projects? Are you involved in your local peace group? Or the food co-op, or the social action committee of your Unitarian?

Please, announce yourself! Loudly proclaim your Green Party affiliation. It is something to be proud of. It is a brave stand you have taken which other people need to hear about. (Also, remember that, with all the flak we get from some quarters, some people still go, "What is a Green Party?")

Your political commitment to peace, justice, and concern for the earth should not have boundaries. It should resonate throughout all areas of your life and work.

Here are some ways to share your wonderful, empowering, commitment to Green Party values and your right to belong to a third party:

To Be Proud and Green

1. Wear a Green Party Button, or T-Shirt or Bracelet.

2. Discuss politics loudly and often: Tell people you are Green!

3. Be able to rattle off the Four Pillars* (or the 10 Key Values, if you have a good memory!)

4. Leave fliers in unusual places. Leave fliers everywhere you frequent – laundromat, food co-op, subway station, ferry, supermarket, kids’ school, your school.

5. Use your consumer clout to make a statement: Bring a banner to the football game! Co-erce your local chain bookstore or coffee house to hang your flier.

6. If someone says, "We can’t do that here we are a non-profit," investigate!


*What are the Four Pillars? Okay, in case you are a green, but you still don’t know or remember:

Grassroots Democracy; Social and Economic Justice; Ecological Wisdom; Non-violence

You want to know the 10 Key Values? It is the four above, plus some expansions on those ideas: Decentralization; Community Based Economics; Feminism; Respect for Diversity; Personal Responsibility; Sustainability/Future Focus.

By the way, I’m a Green…

Why We Must Be Visible and Green

The wrongs of the corporate duopoly which pump out a drumbeat for war, do not stop at the voting booth or local green gathering. If you are a Green, you know that neither the Republicans NOR the Democrats will ever really pledge peace.

And, you should also know that with the corporate money that they have, the entrenched politicans they have, and with the system geared toward patriarchy and hierarchy, fighting for peace can’t be something that is done once a year at the voting booth, or once a month at a Green Party meeting. You have to be careful not to fight against Hillary Clinton and her stand on war half the time, and then be one of the reticent people who doesn’t speak up for the Green Party or against the Democrats the other half of the time. If you are going to be an electoral activist, you must constantly fight the battle of the ballot and your right to Freedom of Assembly with your third party.

Here are some concerns and some solutions that I have seen as a Green Party member and peace activist:

Wear a Green Party Button, or T-Shirt or Bracelet.

I have sat at many a peace meeting where 2/3 of the participants were greens. But, at the same time, no one was willing to put "Green" or "Green Party" on the sponsorship list on the flier. We have to let people see how much work we do. We have to speak up. You can start by at least showing them how many of the people doing the work are greens! And, of course, where lots of green to the demonstrations you attend. And, carry a green banner. Maybe march with a green contingent. But, at least get credit for your work and your mission and your Green Party identity.

Discuss politics loudly and often.

There is a rule in our culture, "It is not polite to speak about religion or politics." I guess that one was made up by the priests and incumbents. As anyone who has done politics, you will know that there is always an incumbency advantage. And, if there is no room for discussion or dissent, the incumbents will plug away being elected over and over again. In order to have change, you have to break the ice, shake things up, create dialogue.

So, even if it is uncomfortable, don’t let your food-cop, or peace group, or church group get away with social or overt pressure to not get into political discussions. Free Speech is something that must be constantly exercised. And, yes, you have a right to say "Green Party." Even, if you are in a group which has old loyalties to the Democrats.

If someone says, "We can’t do that here we are a non-profit," investigate!

Many people are innocently confused concerning admonitions that non-profits can’t be political. Often, they are over-reacting in fear, in a way that shuts down political discourse, and stymies a groups ability to at least educate people electorally. Sometimes a non-profit will state that their facility can not even be rented by a political group. In fact, almost any non-profit may allow almost anyone to use their facility if the group pays for it fairly.

Often, a "no" to the Green Party has reasons behind it. Keep pushing. Study if the group has supported/rented to other political groups in the past. Be persistent. This is politics, and some people–even nice people–are trying to shut you out, because they believe in the duopoly. It isn’t easy by Green. Though, it is worth the struggle.


Please feel free to share or copy this idea or publication. But, please credit: Kimberly Wilder votewilder@yahoo.com. For more ideas about Green values and Green politics, go to www.onthewilderside.net.

3 Responses

  1. […] By the Way, I’m a Green and Why We Must Be Visible and Green by Kimberly Wilder […]

  2. Prior to the DNC, I had chosen to vote for McKinney. Now, I am changing my voter’s card to the Green party. I sick of the pomp and circumstance of this two party system. American’s seem to get caught up in a pep rally mentality and forget that these policitians are puppets. I do not believe the “change” Obama promises and I feel most Americans are blind to the reality of what he represents, which is more of the same. I want improvement, not change and that is why I am voting for Mc Kinney.

  3. Thanks! Super.

    If you want to e-mail us and tell us what state you are in, we could try to hook you up with some good greens.


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