Telephone Campaign against Torture 6/23

Torture Awareness Month, June 2006 

Speaking Points for June 23, 2006 Telephone Campaign

As you know, TASSC has declared the entire month of June to be International Torture Awareness Month.  More than ever before, we need your help and participation. There can be zero tolerance for torture, yet more than 150 nations are now engaged in this barbaric practice. The fact that the United States government now openly authorizes torture has created a global human rights crisis of frightening dimensions.

On June 23, 2006 we will be carrying out a national telephone campaign, and urge you to join us. We are asking that each and every one of you make a personal call to your Congresspersons that day, and organize as many of your friends as possible to call as well. We must all speak out in one voice against torture.

We hope to have calls going in to Congress from all 50 states! Please let us know if you will be able to participate by sending us an email at We thank you in advance for your hard work and compassion.

The Congressional Switchboard telephone number is 202-224-3121. They can connect you to any office on the Hill.

Speaking Points:

  1. June 26th is the International Day for Support of Victims and Survivors of Torture. We are calling to express our grave concern for the growing human rights crisis.

  1. More than 150 countries in the world now practice torture, despite the international ban on such inhuman practices.

  1. The United States itself now openly practices torture with regards to the detainees. This gives a green light to other nations to torture with impunity.

  1. Torture is illegal under international law as well as the US constitution and laws. As Patrick Henry once said, if we allow such barbaric practices here, “ we are lost and undone”.

  1. There can be zero tolerance for torture. It is illegal and immoral.

  1. Torture does not strengthen security. By sowing the seeds of trauma and hatred around the world, torture only leads to further violence.

7.   We ask for an immediate Congressional investigation of the torture already carried out by the United States, and the appointment of a Special Prosecutor.


Tim Bishop: 631-696-6500 or 631- 259-8450

Steve Israel 631-951-2210 or 516-505-1448

Peter King   516-541-4225 or 631-541-4225

Carolyn McCarthy: 516-739-3008

Gary Ackerman      718-423-2154

Hillary Clinton         631-249-2825

Charles Schumer     631-753-0978

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