Michael Berg endorses Jim Brown for Congress

Michael Berg was thrust into the media spotlight when his son Nick was abducted and killed in May, 2004 in Iraq in retaliation for the murders, rapes, and torture of Iraqis in Abu Ghraib prison.

Out of his profound grief Michael became famous with his statement, Nicholas Berg died for the sins of George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld.

Michael, who is a Green, is now running for Congress in Delaware.

Below is Mike’s formal endorsement of fellow Green, Jim Brown. Jim is running against Peter King in the 3rd Congressional District on Long Island, N.Y.

I enthusiastically endorse the campaign of Green Party candidate Jim Brown for the 3rd Congressional District seat in New York. Jim’s campaign has the same goal as mine: to end the War and Occupation of Iraq immediately. Both of our campaigns, in Delaware and New York, will send a strong message to Congress and the nation: “The people say NO to war!” Jim is also campaigning on a number of environmental and social issues of importance to me and the nation, such as the need to reverse global warming and the creation of a fair approach to immigration reform. I agree with Jim that the economies of nations such as Mexico should be strengthened and poverty in developing nations addressed decisively. This would go a long way in resolving our problems with immigration.


Jim Brown for Congress

3rd CD Nassau/Suffolk

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