Looking for LI Peace & Justice groups

Stony Brook Day of Action for Declaration of Peace Week 9/21- 9/28 

The Social Justice Alliance, a student activist group based out of Stony Brook University, will be planning a day of action in accordance with the Declaration of Peace week of action www.declarationofpeace.org. The week of action is September 21-28th, and SJA will be planning various events throughout the week. 

The Social Justice Alliance is moving our day of action in September to Thursday September 28th, not September 21st. Plans are still the same to meet at 12:00PM in front of the Student Activities Center.

The SJA humanrightssbu@aol.com is looking for peace & justice groups from all over Long Island to become involved.  Charlene Obenauer and Anita Meisch- Halasz, two Stony Brook students and Code Pinkers, are the main organizers.  They organized the die-in at the Staller Center when Hillary Clinton was speaking.

Let’s help each other make this week a profound Declaration of Peace!

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