Bill McNulty/ U.S. Foreign Policy and Immigration Issues ( LI SOA Watch) 9/19

Long Island S.O.A. Watch and Freeport Community Worklink Center


U.S. Foreign Policy and

Immigration Issues


A discussion with


Bill McNulty

Tuesday September 19

at 7pm

Freeport Memorial Library

144 West Merrick Road, Freeport

For more than a century U.S. foreign policy has been geared to protect “U.S. interests” throughout the world. These “interests” have been the economic interests of the big corporations. The “protection” of these interests has been reflected in invasions of countries, overthrow of foreign governments, support of genocidal dictatorships, and, due to wars and/or “free trade agreements”, destruction of local economies that could compete or otherwise interfere with the interests of the corporations.

Results of these policies in Latin America: displacement of populations that must migrate in order to survive.

The U.S. foreign policy has a big responsibility in the problems facing the immigrants. Closing the border will not bring a solution. The solution lies in changing the foreign policy and ending the unconditional support of the big corporations that exploit both, U.S. workers and the rest of the world.

Bill McNulty, a veteran of the US army and resident of Setauket, is the Suffolk coordinator of the Long Island School of the Americas Watch. He has been working to close the S.O.A. since 1991 .In 1998, as part of the SOA 25, he served six months in federal prison for acts of   non-violent civil disobedience. He has a weekly radio program devoted to political commentary on WUSB 90.1FM (Stony Brook University).

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