Emergency Action: 9/11/06 at Stony Brook for Occupational Health and Safety Clinic funding

Join us on September 11, 2006 for an important rally to pressure SUNY Stony Brook to properly fund the Occupational Health and Safety Clinic! 

Over 70 percent of rescue workers from 9/11 have suffered respiratory ailments from exposure to toxic debris; one-third continue to have abnormal lung function.

It’s time to make sure SUNY provides proper treatment services for these workers and to all  Long Island workers who use the Occupational Safety and Health Clinic at Stony Brook Hospital!

– Victor Rosado
Business Agent, GSEU / CWA 1104

SUNY Stony Brook has failed to allow the Occupational Health and Safety Clinic to provide screening and treatment services to the first responders of the 9-11 tragedy.  Our heroes have suffered enough.  It’s time to stop the institutional greed and keep this program alive.

–  Stony Brook won’t offer adequate space to house the clinic.

–  Stony Brook won’t allow the program’s funding to be spent to hire staff and doctors.

–  Stony Brook has failed to meet its obligations to our Long Island

DATE:  Monday, September 11, 2006


Nichols Road at the South Entrance (closest to LIE)
University (west) side of Nichols Rd.

Park at the Ambulatory Care Center on the Hospital Side and walk
across the street or park on Nichols Road along the shoulder.

Sponsored by the Long Island Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO and CWA
1104 / Graduate Student Employees Union

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