Stop Levy Abuse of Power 9/19/05


 I beg you all to fax & call our legislator Jay Schneiderman to demand he vote against the Levy bill HR2025 that will discriminate and punish all immigrants, documented or undocumented, from gaining or keeping their jobs because it has been shown in other jurisdictions which have passed similar legislation that busy contractors will just not take the chance or the bother to hire them if there is any chance it might cause them to be banned from doing future work for the county. Please forward to your friends too, to ask them to help us. The vote will take place Tuesday 19  Remember to ask your congregations tomorrowJay : Phone: 852-8400  Fax: 852-8404

Ed Romaine Phone: 852·3200 Fax: 852·3203

you can go to this web site and with one click send a fax to every legislator in Suffolk, but do send Jay a message

go here to get info–phone, fax, etc–of your legislator in Suffolk

“The proposed Suffolk County legislation is riddled with constitutional flaws and anti-immigrant sentiments, and blatantly ignores the supremacy of federal law in the area of immigration regulation. As my testimony below will make clear, federal law expressly preempts the proposed Suffolk County legislation. Moreover, if passed, the proposal would lead to discrimination against anyone who looks or sounds “foreign,” regardless of their actual citizenship status. Employers will fear retribution for hiring undocumented workers and discriminate against United States citizens and other individuals with the right to work in Suffolk County, all in violation of federal civil rights protections.”

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