US Civil Rights Commissioners Urge Investigation of Hispanic Voter Harrassment

Five U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Commissioners Urge the Attorney General to Investigate Alleged Harassment of Hispanic Voters

WASHINGTON, Oct. 18 /U.S. Newswire/ — This afternoon, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Chairman Gerald A. Reynolds and Commissioners Jennifer Braceras, Peter N. Kirsanow, Ashley L. Taylor, Jr. and Michael Yaki urged Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales to “fully and vigorously” investigate correspondence allegedly sent to some residents of Orange County, Calif. with Hispanic surnames stating that it is illegal for immigrants to cast ballots in elections. Immigrants who go to the polls, the letter continues, could be subject to incarceration or deportation. “Given the time-sensitive nature of this issue,” the commissioners admonished, “we urge you to take immediate steps to assure Latino voters that there is no penalty to lawful voting and to correct any misimpressions or misrepresentations.”

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