If you can read this…

you can
read this
you are more
qualified to

be president

than George

W. Bush, Jr.

If you can under-

stand this,then you could lead the whole, free world. And, why not? You are good and wise and were taught some small lessons about democracy at thatschool you went to. But, really, don’t run for President. It is a faraway, huge, compromise with the greedy rich. Something ugly like fame, a beautiful wish that devours you and causes you to go blithely through life trampling the rights of other people. Instead, take this great ambition, this desire for good, this inner knowing that your will counts and run for local office. Find out about your hometown school board. Consider running for city council on the Green party line. Or, become town dog catcher and set all the puppies free!

by Kimberly Wilder

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