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Click here to see thisCLAMOR MUSIC FEST 2006 Hundreds of folks got together to celebrate their local music and independent scenes with Clamor Magazine as the backdrop at last month’s Clamor Music Fest. Big ups to everyone who set up the shows, our partner organizations, and people attached to the butts that moved on October 21. We hope everyone had a good time. By the looks of the pictures, it seems like y’all did.

FREE RADIO STATIONS. APPLY WITHIN.You live outside of a major metropolitan area? Your community deserves it’s own line of defense against the encroachment of ClearChannel, and the FCC may very well give you what you deserve. The FCC is opening up a rare opportunity where they will be giving away free radio licenses to non-profit organizations (does not have to be 501(c)3). Usually commercial stations like this sell for millions of dollars, but since these are non-commercial channels they are given out for free. If your group meets the qualifications, and a frequency is available, you can start a radio station. Sound too good to be true?

There is a catch. Well, several catches. The channels that are available are mostly just in smaller cities. Your group would  have to pay for engineering and legal consultants, and the costs of equipment, which can add up.  And most places only have one or two open channels, and sometimes the competition  can be complicated between the various  activist groups, agencies, schools, and churches for that one channel.  But your group has as good a chance as anyone else!   And finally, this is the first time that the FCC has done this in close to 15 years and it is quite possible that it will be another 15 years before they open it again. If you want to know more, check out the Radio For People Coalition, or call one of the coalition groups like Prometheus Radio Project at 215-727-9620. They can help you claim your communities’ slice of the FM dial! Prometheus  Radio Project has  helped to build radio stations for  civil rights groups, unions, schools, tribes, environmentalists and neighborhood organizations of all sorts, and can help you evaluate whether this is right for your organization, and if it is, lead you through the process.

Last week we added a handful of items to the infoshop that we’re sure you want to check out. A short list of those various and sundry items includes:
Slingshot 2007 Pocket Organizers
Korean Peasants League Poster from the Celebrate People’s History Poster Series

Broken Pencil #33 – The Food Issue
Wonkavision #35 – The Annual Art & Design Issue
Zine World #23

Social Policy Magazine: since 1970, the journal for people who care about organizing.  Current issue: student protests in France, worker resistance in Mexico & low-power radio in the US of A.  Check it here

That’s all for now, friends! You’ll hear plenty more from us in the near future an earful, even.

For the Clamor crew,
Jason Kucsma

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