NYPD Public Hearing on right to assemble 11/27/06

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Defend our Right to Protest!
Rally at NYPD Public Hearing
Monday, Nov. 27,
11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
NYPD Headquarters, One Police Plaza

In August, 2006, the New York Police Department proposed new regulations that would have seriously limited how people could assemble without a permit. New Yorkers and City Council members responded loudly and the NYPD quietly cancelled the public hearing and withdrew the proposal.

Commissioner Ray Kelly has again proposed undue and constitutionally questionable limits on political speech in New York City. This proposal would prohibit public gatherings of as few as ten people, who do not first apply for and obtain a permit from the police.

In an obvious attempt to minimize public input the hearing is being held on the Monday after Thanksgiving in the middle of the workday. We urge you to attend this important hearing if you are able – the NYPD needs to see again that we will strongly defend our right to protest!

We also encourage you to call your City Councilperson to urge her/him to put pressure on the NYPD to withdraw these proposed rules. (Find your councilmember at http://www.nyccouncil.info/constituent/index.cfm.) In particular, if you live in Peter Valone’s district in Queens be sure to contact him – he is the chair of the Public Safety Committee which oversees matters related to the police. Urge his committee to look into this matter.

This rally is sponsored by Assemble for Rights NYC

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