Call-In to Bring the Troops Home! 12/4/06


On Election Day, voters signaled to Congress that we are ready for leaders who will take a stand and finally bring our troops home from Iraq. Incredibly, new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has failed to include the Iraq war in her “First 100 Hour” agenda for the opening of Congress. Pelosi and the Democratic members of Congress are meeting on Monday, December 4, to determine their legislative priorities for the session– please join us in reminding them that the voters want a withdrawal without further delay!

National Call-In Day to Bring the Troops Home Now: Monday, December 4th

To make sure that peace is a top priority for the Democratic caucus, please join our National Call-In Day on Monday, December 4th. Let’s greet Congress with a flood of phone calls reminding them to “Bring the Troops Home NOW!”  We want Congress to hear loud and clear that an immediate withdrawal of US troops and regional diplomacy are the only ways to improve the situation in Iraq .

We’ll send you additional information and a reminder on Monday, but be sure to mark your calendars for our National Call-In on Monday, December 4th. It will only take two minutes of your time on Monday, but it could help to change the course of a country that is spiraling into deeper violence.

Email Nancy Pelosi: Tell her to put an Iraq withdrawal on the priority list for her first 100 hours!

As we prepare for Monday, take a moment and send an email to Nancy Pelosi to remind her that on election day, voters expressed a clear mandate to bring the troops home. Tell Pelosi today that we need her to make a withdrawal from Iraq the top legislative priority for the new Congress.

The death toll and carnage in Iraq is increasing at an alarming rate. Our soldiers are caught in the middle of a civil war unleashed by an administration that refused to plan for postwar reconstruction and failed to understand Iraqi culture and history. Now even the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group is calling for troop reductions and for bringing in regional actors such as Iran and Syria to work toward a diplomatic solution. Congress has the power to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq, and if it fails to do so, we will hold them responsible for the continued violence in Iraq.

The current congress and the administration have used too many excuses for inaction. They have sat and waited for the Iraq Study Group report, the Pentagon study group report, the White House study group… the excuses go on and on. We know what we want– as do the Iraqi people– so let’s come together on Monday, December 4th, and tell them they can no longer delay bringing U.S. troops home from Iraq.


Linda Schade
Executive Director

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