Non-Profit Update 12/06

More Money, More Demand: Results of the
2006 GuideStar Nonprofit Economic Survey

More than 3,700 Newsletter readers participated in our fifth annual nonprofit economic survey. Here’s what they told us.For the third year in a row, the majority of participants in GuideStar’s nonprofit economic survey reported that contributions to their organizations had either increased or stayed about the same as contributions during the previous year. For the fourth consecutive year, a substantial majority also said that demand for their organizations’ services had grown. … Read more


Understanding the Motivations of Major Donors,
Part I: The Most Important Things to Know

It’s all about connection, connection, connection, this author suggests.Motivated major donors. We want them. We need them. We strive to keep them. And yet, we find ourselves too often frustrated because we don’t have them, still need them, or, worse, we’ve lost them. … Read more


The 2006 Giving Season and the
Pension Protection Act of 2006

Changes that might affect the average donor.

Getting ready to make your end-of-year gifts to charity? You may want to do some research first—the Pension Protection Act of 2006 contained several provisions affecting charitable deductions. Some went into effect this year; others will go into effect in 2007. … Read more

Innovation at Work:
Helping Nonprofits Raise the Bar on Ingenuity

Coming up with new ways to meet your goals may pay off for your organization.

Innovation is a big buzzword in business today, having been described as the key ingredient that will keep the United States ahead of its overseas competition. But innovation is vital to success in the nonprofit world as well. Organizations that use innovation to propel themselves forward are leading others in the quest for funding and other resources. …
Read more

The Power Team, Part III: The CAO

What qualities characterize a good chief advancement officer?

Where the duty of the nonprofit chief executive officer (CEO) is to provide the vision and forum for others in the organization to excel, the chief advancement/development officer (CAO) is expected to lead an internal team that must develop strong relationships and loyalty among its constituents. … Read more

Newsletter Readers as Donors:
November Question of the Month Results

It appears that Newsletter readers give off-line to charities they already know.

Last month’s Newsletter included an article profiling on-line donors (“The Young and the Generous: A Study of $100 Million in On-line Giving”). That piece inspired the November Question of the Month: “What’s your donor profile—what characterizes you as a donor?” Here’s what our totally unscientific survey found. … Read more

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