Poetry Holiday Party

I hope you’ll be able to drop by the barn in Huntington this Friday to be part of the Long Island Poetry Collective holiday party, at the ‘Huntington Poets Cafe.’

There’ll be a round-the-circle reading of poetry, bring/get gift exchange, a special appearance by Irish poet Aoife Mannix, and plenty of good cheer. The date’s Dec 15, 2006 at 8 pm at the Huntington Historical Society Barn, corner of New York Avenue and High Street in Huntington Village.

And listen, I have to be honest and say that it’s particularly critical to me on a personal level for everyone who can to come down and chip in the ‘suggested donation’ of $5.00 while doing so.

Hosting poetry events at the barn — which I’ve done for over a decade now — costs me nearly $1400 a year, and I just can’t finance it alone anymore. For me to continue to hold events the third Friday of every month for the LI poetry community, I need help.

Let me know that you can come by, show your support for the ‘Poets Cafe’ and have some fun.

George Wallace

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