a theft supreme

only 1 African-American in 9
voted for bush
and his name is justice
clarence thomas
unfortunately he doesn’t live
in florida

a congress
of wild geese just passed
a constitutional
amendment to enshrine
state’s right
to determine whether their own
voters voted
without federal interference

i sewed 4 stripes
on my old blue bathrobe
and declared my wife
president of the united states of america
since she doesn’t have to play
prodigal son
or even Gilbert and Sullivan

the newspapers reported
4 escaped texas
inmates listened to religious radio
while fixing their cars
did they hum hymns
while jogging to the auto parts store
how did those inmates celebrate Jesus
day in texas prisons
does texas execute
anyone on Jesus
day and will all federal
inmates now enjoy the same privileges

senate Democrats take 42 shots
at Ashcroft
while Guiliana’s special officers
only got 41 shots at Amadou
in neither case were civil rights respected
in the battle between the gun
and the wallet

bob jones university just rescinded
its invitation
to senator orrin hatch
by a vote of 99-0
to be their extemporaneous
commencement speaker
because they discovered
he’s a Mormom
who they consider to be cult members
along with Catholics
which is a
since they would qualify
for the first time
for federal moneys
from the white
house office of religious funding

in the interests of government efficiency
and bipartisanship
we’ve opened a white
house office
to help transnational corporations
off welfare
and back to work
by requiring them to take retraining
in non-citizenship

– kimberly & ian Wilder

3 Responses

  1. So when do I get to see Kim in the old blue bathrobe? or otherwise?

  2. How do you guys make a living?

  3. Why, from poetry, of course…



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