A Second Time Around- the Peace Vigil of 12/30/06

A Second Time Around
(Peace Vigil 12/30/06)

The year 2006 is about to end
With the season’s message of
Peace On Earth
On cards, flags and banners galore
Seeming more hollow than ever before.
But a few friends gathered once again
In front of a Recruiting Station~
in a suburban village typical of this nation,
laying bouquets of fresh flowers,
on the black ceremonial  cloth
with white candles
and dignified cards
with their cruel numbers
framed in a thin black line
taped to the window of the place
that no longer stays open on Saturdays.

Six-pointed Star/ Cross/ Crescent & Star,
almost naked without their graves beneath,
were called to witness
as some passersby
scurried, hurried with heads down
i~pods & cell phones in their ears,
Starbucks clutched in hand,
as if the reality of the display
might interfere with their carefully
crafted denial.
While others paused, accepted a flyer,
and told their children
in hushed tones
what our little sidewalk memorial signified.

Often drowned out by trucks lumbering by
I wondered if we would ever be heard,
John’s accordion accompanying us
as, in round robin, we read
the names of those
recently fallen.
‘In Memoriam’

And then two hopeful happenings~
a pedestrian, stopped,
stood stock still & listened,
and when asked to read~ DID!
Soon a man came by and
after reading a page, said
he was from El Salvador
and knew war all too well.

So may the Candlelight Vigil
on January 6th,
truly be an ‘Epiphany’
for those that govern our land,
As we silently walk among the
symbols of  past conflagrations
between warring nations,
and stand
with patience, prayer, and persistence.
Our lanterns lit once more
bravely flickering
against the winds of war.
Sending to the heavens
our message of
PEACE in 2007.

Blessed Be the Peacemakers
& Justice seekers
Charlotte the Peace Crone

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