Media Blackout? Not If We Can Help It!

Big Media doesn’t want you to know what they’re up to at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Right before the holidays, they convinced the FCC to give them extra time to make their case for more media consolidation.  Bet you didn’t hear about that on the nightly news.

The new deadline for getting input into the FCC is January 16.  The giant media corporations will be taking full advantage of the time extension – and, with your help, we will too!

It’s no surprise that Big Media hasn’t been covering this issue on their television networks or newspaper pages.  Their financial interests are in direct opposition to the public’s viewing needs, so they’d like to keep us in the dark.

You — Common Cause activists — have done an impressive job fighting against relaxing the media ownership rules.  Last month, we sent nearly 34,000 messages to the FCC, far surpassing our goal of 25,000.  Thank you!  But there is more we could do and time is short.

The media ownership issue is simple.  Should the FCC allow big media companies to get even bigger and richer, or should they make sure those companies serve the needs of the public by setting media policies that promote diversity in ownership and points of view?

Too many people don’t even know this conversation is taking place because Big Media doesn’t want us to! 

Thanks for all you do,

The Common Cause Media Reform Team
Lauren Coletta, Celia Wexler and Dawn Iype

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