GuideStar Newsletter, January 2007

Understanding the Motivations of
Major Donors, Part II: Know Thy Donors

To learn what motivates donors, go to the source: the donors themselves.Get to know your major prospects and donors. More importantly, get to know as many of your donors—major or not—as you can. See them all as having potential to give a large gift at some time or to connect you with those who can. If you’re fortunate enough to have research capability at your organization, use it as a baseline. … Read more

Bridging the Gap between Volunteers and Coordination

Do you hesitate to enlist more volunteers because you can barely keep up with the ones you have? The answer may be easier than you think.

“So little time. …” Has this become a mantra at your organization? If so, you are not alone; it’s a common theme at most nonprofits nationwide. One solution to this time shortage is, of course, to recruit additional volunteers. … Read more

Transforming Your Board Members
into Brand Ambassadors

Five steps for helping your board members spread the word about your organization.“Many of our board members often cannot clearly and concisely articulate who we are or what we do. How can we turn them into better Brand Ambassadors for our organization?” I get this question a lot in my branding workshops, and my answer is always the same: The best place to start is in the board recruitment process. … Read more

Creating Spam-Filter-Friendly E-mails

As spam filters become stronger, legitimate messages are getting trapped.

Have you ever sent a beautifully written, compelling e-mail to your constituents, only to have several of them tell you that they never received it? The messages didn’t bounce back to your in-box, so what happened? Your message may be stuck in a spam filter. …
Read more

A Brief Overview of Supporting Organizations

In response to a Newsletter article last month, readers asked for more information on supporting organizations.

A supporting organization is a specific type of public charity. All 501(c)(3) organizations are considered private foundations unless they qualify as public charities. It can be to a nonprofit’s advantage to be a public charity; private foundations are more closely scrutinized, regulated, and taxed than public charities. … Read more

New Rules Affecting Donor-Advised Funds:
December Question of the Month Results

There are new rules for donor-advised funds.

The December 2006 Question of the Month asked, “Are you aware of the provisions affecting donor-advised funds contained in the Pension Protection Act of 2006?” A little over half—52 percent—of participants said they were. The remaining 48 percent replied that they were not. Here, then, is a brief summary. … Read more

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