Fri 1/12/07 Emergency Demonstration: Escalation of the War



As a response to President Bush’s planned talk to the American people Wednesday night (tomorrow) when he will announce the escalation of the war in Iraq by sending tens of thousands more troops, there will be an emergency response in a form of a protest on FRIDAY afternoon from 3:00-5:00 PM in Shirley at the south west corner of theintersection of William Floyd Parkway &

Montauk Highway (Rte 27A).

(There is plenty of available parking in the parking lot at the Pathmark Shopping center ).

Please bring signs if you can.  I will bring extra signs for those who can’t.  I will also bring blank poster board & markers for those who want to make signs on location.  The message is no to escalation of the war!!! The American people want the troops brought home NOW!!  At the very LEAST let’s see a timetable for withdrawal.

Sending more troops is INSANE!!!

And if you have some time & want to help organize this by making phone calls, please contact me.  I will give you phone numbers of people to call.

Please help get the word out!!!

Please come for part of this protest even if you can not stay for the full two hours!!!!

Please try to rearrange your schedule to get there even for a few minutes if you think you can not make it!!! 

This demonstration of the escalation of the war is organized by the SUFFOLK PEACE NETWORK

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