Paper Cranes for Peace 3/3/07

Make a paper crane for world peace
saturday, february 3rd 2007
12 noon -7 pm
at the flushing mall
133-31 39th avenue,
between prince street & college point blvd

legend has it that if you fold 1000 cranes, you will get your wish.

Since the nuclear bombing of hiroshima, when a dying child tried to fold 1000 cranes, the paper crane has been associated with peace.

The flushing greens ask you to join us in folding 1000 paper cranes with the wish for world peace, and the freedom of lt. Ehren watada, a chinese/japanese american who will be tried on feb 5th for opposing the iraqi war.

Come help us fold one thousand cranes!

Fold as many as you like, or just fold one! The person who folds the most cranes will win a free t- shirt. There will be free lessons for those who don’t know how to fold a crane. Children with parents are welcome!

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