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Stay Away from Babylon Village

They don’t want you there. Every parking spot in the village seems to be metered or otherwise reserved. they have a whole section of the train station parking lot which is reserved for those wealthy enough to live in Babylon. Everyone else is out of luck. We almost missed our train becuase we spent 10 minutes cirling the metered parking lot trying to find a spot while the Babylon Village lot is desolate. The joke is on the Babylon Village merchants because we were going to stop to buy snacks for the train ride but that time was taken up by parking apartheid. This is not the first time I have been dissuaded from making a purchase in Babylon because of the unfriendly parking situation.

14 Responses

  1. I have a similar story, and I don’t blame you! Instead of 10 minutes, I spent nearly a half-hour trying to find a spot for the train station. Twenty minutes after paying the meter, I got a ticket. What the f*** is up with that?

  2. Hey, I live in Babylon village and I have the same problem parking at the train station! only aertain amount of people have reserved spots and there is a 5-7 year waiting list for a spot. It is because of people coming from outside the village to the station that I can’t find a spot – stay home!

  3. has anyone heard of CHEM-Tech international? they are raking us over the coals down here in florida? They claim to be from there at 26 Railroad ave #199 Babylon Village NY. Are they even a REAL company? Their phone number is 1-877-873-7871 but their mailbox is ALWAYS full and they NEVER pick up!

  4. ROFLOL – “those wealthy enough to live in Babylon” – if you think a median income of $69K in the village is wealthy, it’s time for for a little LI reality…

  5. The median family income is $78,814.
    from http://www.townofbabylon.com/demographics.cfm

  6. In the 2000 Census, the median income for a household in the village is $69,767, and the median income for a family is $78,814.

    2006 est median incomes for NYS

    New York Estimate Margin of Error
    Total: 62,138 +/-364
    2-person families 52,891 +/-633
    3-person families 62,882 +/-1,081
    4-person families 75,513 +/-1,080
    5-person families 72,803 +/-1,830
    6-person families 71,810 +/-3,075
    7-or-more-person families 68,267 +/-4,133

    BV doesn’t seem to be “wealthy”.

    How abt CT?

    Connecticut Estimate Margin of Error
    Total: 78,154 +/-951
    2-person families 66,972 +/-1,309
    3-person families 76,786 +/-2,195
    4-person families 93,821 +/-2,331
    5-person families 93,970 +/-3,247
    6-person families 91,105 +/-8,187
    7-or-more-person families 91,371 +/-12,570


    New Jersey Estimate Margin of Error
    Total: 77,875 +/-649
    2-person families 63,026 +/-1,186
    3-person families 80,999 +/-1,323
    4-person families 94,441 +/-1,755
    5-person families 92,225 +/-2,397
    6-person families 94,004 +/-4,683
    7-or-more-person families 79,817 +/-6,042

    BV doesn’t appear to be among the richer environs, now does it?

  7. Thank for a ll the numbers. Can you give a link to them? How does BV compare to WB & NB?


  8. There is a huge parking lot just behind Deer Park Avenue (East) with plenty of spaces. It’s not only Babylon Village which has coveted parking, but many other great towns have the same ‘problem’.
    Besides, why would Babylon residents want to turn their town into parking lot? Parking lots ruin the historic feel of a village and ultimately diminish quality of life for residents.
    Do us all a favor and walk it off!

  9. I’m wondering the same thing about chemtech international. I’m getting the run-around from them as well. I really hope I don’t get screwed. What happened to you?

  10. I’m a village resident and I agree that the parking situation at the train station is a mess, but that’s one of the reasons for the meters in town. If you allow free parking in the village then you’ll still be driving around looking for a space. the apartment people will park right out front and stay there. So will some of the less courteous employees of the businesses (not in front of their own mind you) and people coming from out of town to use the train station. There is NO easy answer, except to walk more or ride a bike or find some other form of transportation. That’s what many of us (village residents) do.

    • KW: Glad to have your attention. Since you are resident and care, maybe you can help.

      There are things that could be done. One time, Ian got a ticket because there are two sets of parking lots, and they have the same numbers. So, Ian payed in one at spot “35”, but paid in the other at “35”. The Village did not care, knew there was previous confusion, and made him pay the ticket. That is an easy problem to solve. There are simple things to do to make things easier and clearer for people parking. Also, I got a ticket for not paying the meter on Yom Kippur. There should not be ticketing on religious holidays. Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. And, while I do not expect everyone to know that, I expect a government to know that.

      If the village would like to encourage business – especially at this time when economics are bad – they might rethink how fair and cordial they can be to folks trying to park.

      And, yes, riding a bicycle is noble and appreciated.

  11. The parking meters in town only discourage business for merchants and are too far away from the train station to impact upon them. I don’t do any business in Babylon as I resent paying meters simply to shop as I rarely carry change around and it’s just a hassle. Worse, I can’t find any information online about how late the meters run. All these meters represent are greedy town bureaucrats’ interest and not the merchants’ who support the town. Any time you add a meter, you discourage business and with this depressed economy, that’s bad policy.

  12. The problem with the parking is that the LIRR station no longer makes sense to be in the village. When people walked places the village set-up made sense. 100 years later and parking is a premium and it probably does hurt the area around the train.
    Coming from Queens I was used to paying for parking and living literally 2 blocks outside of the village so I will never get a permit; personally I find the numbered spot irritating and there should be something that encourages people to give up spots once they don’t need one. Most mornings 1/3 of the spots are empty while I walk from a lot that I paid to park in.
    Right now with the snow piles choking off room in the parking lots around the station it has made a tight situation worse, it we get another storm I might need to bike or take a taxi to the train.
    I would love a parking garage (similar to Huntington where I was able to get a non-resident parking pass) but I know that the “village” would never allow that and would even be happy to pay if it was nearer to the station.
    When the weather is nice I love Babylon village, but it is not the right place for a terminal station of the LIRR.

  13. Anyone experience getting outrage fees for parking tickets in Babylon Village? I was parked in the lot off Deer Park ave by Gemelies and didn’t realize I had an expired registration. I was slammed with 3 tickets for the same violation that were just reworded. The Total came to 350.00.

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