Green Party candidate Roseanne Barr?

 From what I am told, she is currently on the View extolling the virtues of the Green Party.



obama is a phony that stands for absolutely nothing, like his fake rival, Hilary Clinton, neither of whom can win because they suck, and are only put up to make it look like america is a fair place, and to guarantee the victory of Mitt Romney. Get ready for Mormon Taliban, voiced by glenn beck CNN (a mormon) and brought to you by wealthy orange county growers who buy every election by hiring an actor (shwartznegger) to front for them, and to take the heat off the money they stole from cali schools using anderson and enron. I am going to support a green party, a third party, and for once vote for what I believe, not what I hate least…get with me on this, america! No more phony right extremes masquerading as middle. Support change!

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