New Video: Standing While Latino in Suffolk County


Posted by Kimberly Wilder on reports from Ian Wilder, who is on the scene at the Suffolk County Legislature and watched the proceedings live:

The “public safey” bill, which immigration supporters are referring to the “Standing While Latino” bill has PASSED the public saftey committee of the Suffolk County legislature.

 There will be a vote by the full Suffolk County Legislature on Tuesday, March 20th in Riverhead.  4pm is considered the start time. People who would like to sign up to speak, etc. should arrive around 2:30.

There was a motion to table. That motion failed 4-3.

There was a motion to report the bill out of committee (send it to full Legislature). That motion passed 4-3.

Suffolk County Legislator Wayne Horsley was not in attendance. He was in Albany.

The bill was initiated and is supported by Suffolk County Legislator Jack Eddington [Working Families Party]. Suffolk County Legislator Bill Lindsey, a key Democrat, voted against the bill today, giving hope that most Democrats will vote against it when it reaches the full legislature. Republican Legislator Ed Romaine has said he will vote NO on the bill. Romaine’s no vote will be greatly needed to defeat this measure.

Stay tuned here for information, and video from today’s hearing.

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