DC Statehood Green re-envisions the world

Here Be Dragons: In Nikolas Schiller’s Hands, Maps of Familiar Places Become Terra Incognita
By David Montgomery  

“To change the world, start with the maps,” says [Nikolas] Schiller, co-chairman of the [DC] Statehood Green Party in Washington [D.C.]. “As insignificant as my art may be, it’s still an extension of my feeling that each of us has the capacity to change things.”


To find this mapmaker, you have to know his name, and you have to know where you’re going. You can’t stumble across his work with a generic keyword search because he coded his Web site, www.nikolasschiller.com/, so that Google and other search engines wouldn’t automatically index it. Google would turn up his site only if you already knew of his existence and typed in his name.

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