New York Being Used to Destroy Supplements

If you live in New York or know anyone who does, please take immediate action on this urgent issue. Send this to everyone you know in New York State and don’t forget the health food stores and natural health practitioners you know in New York as well.

The legislative assault on our health freedoms has been broken up in state attacks: something in Minnesota, an attack in Michigan, something really bad in Alaska, and, little by little state laws are being introduced and passed that will then become generalized as states follow each other into the freedom abyss.  We can only influence our state legislators in the districts and states that we live and vote in BUT we are a society with wide spread contacts.  Keep your friends and loved ones, your whole circle of influence up to date on what is happening in their states. Let them carry the ball in their home territory and you can carry it in yours.  This is the first of an on-going series of alerts on State issues.  They count.  Raise your voice and help others to raise theirs!

Four bills are before the New York State Legislature which will accomplish for the drug companies what they could not achieve at the federal levels: supplements will be regulated much more like drugs, burdened with unnecessary requirements to raise their prices and drive small companies out of business and take another step forward in making supplements unavailable while leaving horrifically toxic drugs as the only illness care alternative.

I urge you personally to take the time necessary to send the letter you will find at this link, AND involve your health food stores, friends and neighbors who live in New York State. If you have contact with natural health practitioners and doctors, dentists, chiropractors, etc., please give them this information along with the website for the Natural Solutions Foundation ,, so they can become involved in the fight for natural health and health freedom, too.

New York State is the latest battle ground for this contest between Big Pharma and your freedom. Take action now. Doing nothing votes for Big Pharma in this contest.

Thanks in advance for your activism!

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

Medical Director

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