Save Energy – Save the Planet Wed 5/16/07 730p

This is a Sophia Learning Center Program.  Faced with the reality of Global Warming, and a limited energy supply, we must learn how to conserve. But in today’s high-tech world, how? Speakers from two local environmental groups will lead a stimulating discussion and offer many creative colustions. Scroll down for details and location. Please RSVP to me if you are planning to attend. This way we can plan accordingly.

Kasey Jacobs from Citizens Campaign for the EnvironmentKasey will speak about climate change and local energy initiatives that are being taken. She will tell us how our region plays an important role in solving the climate crisis. She recently took an extensive training program led by Al Gore.

Beth Fitenny from Neighborhood Network

Beth will educate us on all matters concerning energy and the many ways we can conserve it. She leads a clean Energy Task Force, which brings together local municipalities to explore cost effective clean energy technologies that are available now. She will offer us simple solutions to counteract the problem of Global Warming.


The meeting will be held at the Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Dominic at 555 Albany Avenue in Amityville, in the St. Martin DePores Room. Go into the main entrance behind the large circular driveway. After you go through the main doors you’ll see a chapel in front of you. Make a left, go down the hall, the room is on the left side, just after a large Bulletin Board that says the saint’s name.

We welcome all members and any friends/family. The suggested donation is $10.00. We ask for this so that we can keep our Learning Center running… but with such an important topic, please come even if you can not afford a donation at this time OR if you’d like to make a smaller contribution, that’s great too! The benefit we all will receive as a result of people taking the advice of our speakers will be truly priceless.


MaryBeth Weiss

631-842-6000, ext 333

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