Info about New Paltz school board member, Edgar Rodriguez

Here is an earlier article about the campaign:

from The Daily Freeman

RODRIGUEZ, 59, is a retired professor of education at City University of New York and SUNY New Paltz. A 1965 graduate of Seward Park High School in Manhattan, he received a bachelor’s degree in Latin American literature from New York University in 1971, a master’s degree in bilingual education from SUNY Albany in 1974 and a doctorate in education from SUNY Albany in 1984. He and his wife, Maggie VeVe, have three children in the school district. Rodriguez said his priorities include curriculum improvements that balance the types of courses taken, encouraging board involvement with state property tax reform, teaching students to respect diversity and developing public participation in school building and academic plans. He said the district needs to “strive for a better balance between the high-stakes testing and preparing students to be well-rounded and successful in their social, emotional and psychological lives, with special attention to health and nutrition.”

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