Newsday’s False Piety on Kaiman

Though I am no fan of the type of appearances of pay to play given by Newsday’s arctile on Jon Kaiman: N. Hempstead Supervisor contributions raise questions, Newsday certainly does not come to the article with clean hands.  they were provided for with similar records for the Babylon Democratic Party several years ago.  The Babylon camapign finance records even exposed donations to the party from nonprofits.  Yet no articles. 

Even more than that Newsday needs to look at how its reporting encourages this kind of behavior.  Newsday is constantly judging candidates by the size of their bank accounts rather than the quality of their ideas.  Newsday has done more to make politics on Long Island about collecting funds by any means rather than as a market place of ideas than  any political leader on the island.  If Newsday really finds Kaiman’s fundrasing inappropriate then they need to clean their own house in how they report on political races first.

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