Westchester hiring site opens after village, day laborers settle

from Newsday 

MAMARONECK, N.Y. — A new hiring site gave day laborers the chance to move off the streets in their search for work Tuesday, hours after they won the right to work those streets unhassled.

There was no way to tell whether two days of remarkable developments would significantly improve the hardscrabble lot of immigrant laborers in the suburban Village of Mamaroneck and dampen the tensions between them and some established residents.

But hopes were high Tuesday at the opening of The Community Resource, where workers will be able to connect with contractors in a fairer, more dignified fashion than the helter-skelter street dance that has been standard procedure since the village closed a previous hiring site in January 2006.

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Video : http://news12.cv.net/video/CW0612DT.wmv

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