I kill great magazines

Yes, I am the Ted McGinley of subscribers. Punk Planet is dead, and I feel damn guilty.

You see it all started when I strayed away from the Reader’s digest of the Left, the Utne Reader. As I became more politically active my awareness grew that Utne was no longer serving my needs.

Luck dropped Clamor magazine into my hands. It was a hard decision to drop Utne. It had been a long-time friend. I had even given subscriptions as gifts, but the coverage and the responses were too corporate for my tastes. Clamor was perfect. We made a family decision to let Utne lapse, and pick up a Clamor subscription. I didn’t always agree with the articles in Clamor, but that was alright. I wanted to be challenged. And I was. Informed and entertained.

They I got an email that said it was dead. I was confused. It referred to a letter I never got. I called to ask what was happened. One of the editors answered, and personally apologized for the confusion. I loved being treated like a family member, and not a consumer. and yet they were gone.

They made a deal with 4 like minded publication to honor outstanding subscriptions. We made a decision to take up the punk planet subscription. Though the magazine had more about punk music than an Americana couple like us could handle, the punk ethos made us feel right at home. and now that home is empty. So long good friend.

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