Live Earth LI: Stop Global Warming / Stop Broadwater


Several Suffolk Greens (including Kimberly Wilder and Tom Stock, pictured above) attended the free concert at the Brookhaven Amphitheatre at Bald Hill to support the idea that we need to stop the Broadwater project. The concert was connected to the Live Earth concert series for 7/7/07. There is a good article about Live Earth here.

Broadwater is a proposed Liquefied Natural Gas Facility project that would be floating off Long Island on the Long Island Sound. It seems like an ecological nightmare. Environmentalists and community activists on the Connecticut side and the Long Island side are fighting it. You can find out more information from Citizens Campaign for the Environment.


Gordian Raacke of RELI (Renewable Energy Long Island), Sarah Gordon, and Kasey Jacobs speak about the importance of stopping Global Warming and stopping the Broadwater Liquefied Gas Facility project.

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