Daily Greens: Cobleskill Mayor Michael Sellers on Campaigns


This presentation by Cobleskill Green Mayor Michael Sellers from a 7/13/07 Green Party of the United States Annual National Meeting workshop on “Winning Office in New York State: Campaign Strategies” The meeting is taking place in Reading, PA.

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  1. Is Bill Gilmore still around? he was a classmate of mine in High School………904-955-7307 . Thanks.

  2. Cobleskill’s neighbor Oneonta has a 21 year old running for mayor too. Jason Corrigan is a bright young man who wants to bring in a train line and utilize solar energy. His website is http://www.unifyingoneonta.com

  3. He has supported a number of groups who said they never get any response or attention from the city government including PFLAG, The Southside Mall, and the Foothills Council.

  4. I like the blog, glad to see it. Let’s all unite as a region get some new young thinkers elected.

    Corrigan is our hope in Oneonta, he is the only chance we stand to break up the kabal between Dick Miller, Kim Muller and outgoing John Nader.

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