Greens lead Calif. efforts to impeach Bush, Cheney

Greens spearhead impeachment work, praise West Hollywood vote to impeach Bush/Cheney; U.S., state Greens called for impeachment as far back as 2003

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA (July 18, 2007) – Green Party 2006 Assembly candidate Peter Thottam, now executive director of the Los Angeles National Impeachment Center, praised the decision Monday by the West Hollywood City Council to support the
impeachment of President George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

In adopting the resolution proposed by the impeachment center that Thottam now directs, West Hollywood became the first Southern California city and 80th municipality nationwide to support impeachment, according to Thottam, who with other South State Greens helped open the Impeachment Center earlier this month.

The Green Party of the U.S. called for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney in 2003, and the state party officially followed in 2006.

The GPCA cited the deception used by the Bush Administration to start the Iraq war, the use of illegal chemical and biological weapons by the U.S., the targeting of civilians with military weapons, the torture of prisoners and violation of international treaties prohibiting those actions.

“Among a minimum of twelve high crimes and misdemeanors, Bush and Cheney have abused their powers of office by using information they knew to be false as a justification for the U.S. invasion of Iraq; condoning and authorizing the torture of prisoners of war and rendering detainees to foreign countries known to torture; and authorizing warrantless wiretaps on U.S. citizens for over five years,” said Thottam.

Thottam, a Los Angeles attorney, helped co-found the Los Angeles National Impeachment Center, which was sponsored in large part by Westside Greens and Los Angeles Greens, and progressive Democrats. The goal of the center is to influence
cities and counties to approve impeachment resolutions, and pressure state and federal
representatives to do the same.

(The Impeachment Center: / Peter Thottam 310.497-7255)

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  1. yeh !!! go greens. hurry before he nukes iran.

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