Debunking the Matt Gonzalez announcement myth

 Matt Gonzalez is a green who had a wonderful, successful run as an elected official. People like him. Greens like him. If he throws his hat into the ring for Green Party Presidential candidate, he will have a great chance.

From Matt's Mayor web pageBut, just a note, a little while ago, a professor wrote an article about his “wish” that Matt Gonzalez would announce for Green Party President. The article shows up now and again–as it did this week–and people think that the day has finally come, and Matt Gonzalez has announced for president.

As of today, July 30th, Matt Gonzalez has not announced for President.

I follow things pretty closely–especially in the green universe–so when it happens, this might be a good place to find it nearly first. (At least when I see one article on it, I will know enough to do a google news search and get confirmation…or not.)


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  1. Gonzalez is a prima donna, and his current run for VP is mostly an exercise in narcissism.

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