Ahmad Ali Mitchel-El for Suffolk County Executive: Petition Update

2006 Petition CampaignThe petition drive is going well! But, we still can’t do it without you. If there is anyway for you to download a petition, and get you and some friends to sign, and bring the petitions by Huntington or Babylon by Monday, then please do! Forms are at www.gpsuffolk.org. You could call the Green Party office at (631) 351-5763 or the Wilders at (631) 422-4702 to make arrangements. If you could stand with someone at a supermarket on Sunday, that would be awesome. We have to actually file the petitions on Tuesday, August 21st, so Monday is the real, no-doubt-about-it deadline.

This weekend we really experienced petitioning as a “job.” (Even though Ian and I do all our green work as volunteers and for the love of it!) Had the deja vu–sometimes good, sometimes tedius — of duplicates that you usually only get from your daily grind. Got kicked out of the same supermarket chain more than once. Had about 9 people on the street last weekend and probably 9 this weekend, too–though, some were new and different people! The best double was that I saw Ahmad once in the morning when he dropped petitions off at my door in Babylon, and once in the evening, when I saw him play music at the Solar Cafe in Brentwood near where I was petitioning.

Oh, more doubles: Ahmad was able to announce his candidacy on his WBAI radio show , “In The Moment”, this week for the second time. And, Ahmad doubled the impact of his story in Noticia, by having the story read on the air at WBAI. Oh, and our friend Jim Krivo from Nassau probably did the second-biggest action alert of the campaign, because he put out a notice with my plea for help, and it echoed back to one of Ian’s list-serve in a matter of hours.

Tomorrow is just another day for us signature gatherers. Though, it is the biggest day–the last ever weekend of the “Fabulous, Summer of 2007, Green Party Adventure To Get a Suffolk County Executive Candidate on the Ballot in November.”

I know we can do it! Go Greens!

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