John Hammond and Sonny Meadows @ the Brokerage


Sonny Meadows and John Hammond


Our friend, local singer-song writer Sonny Meadows (left, like the last church), with blues musician John Hammond. Ian and I had never seen John Hammond perform. It was awesome. His blues were so real. The pain, the honest-to-goodness pain was there, but John Hammond’s energy made it somehow jubilant. When I have time to reflect and polish up my thoughts, I am going to write more about how I have never experienced a harmonica like I did tonight. Great show. John Hammond was just “on” all night, and the audience was lovin’ it.

Watching John Hammond perform, I really wanted to get other people to understand. I feel like I found some wonderful new place, and I should tell more people about it. I am working on a slogan. It is something like: “How can you resist a man who closes his eyes for you?”

Sonny Meadows

Above: Sonny Meadows on stage at the Brokerage, 9/11/2007. Sonny opened for John Hammond. Sonny had a great set, with a moving performance of “Hanging in the High School Hall”, which is the true story about his high school’s decision to create a tribute to their Vietnam Veterans.

Sonny Meadows

Above: Our friend Sonny Meadows at the Brokerage in Bellmore. Hey! It sounded so exciting, we thought it was a once in a lifetime chance. But, the m.c. said Sonny had played there before with Christine Lavin. (We often forget how cool Sonny is and all the places he has performed.)

Ian and I are used to seeing Sonny play at very pointedly political venues. It was so profound to see a new audience–a blues audience at a comedy club–listen so respectfully to Sonny’s Vietnam song. And, to see that even a multi-partisan crowd can chuckle at “I’d Never Thought I’d Miss Richard Nixon.”

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