Top Five Reasons that Ted Rall (and other white people) should not question the Jena 6 Students

Sometimes I am shocked by what progressive, political cartoonist Ted Rall puts out. Though, I almost always agree with his underlying position. But, Ted Rall truly disappointed me with his article on the Jena 6 Students. Half of what he wrote was right on about racism, subtle racism, and white privilege. But, in the end, he can’t shake his own white privilege, and he starts second-guessing whether the demand for all the charges to be dropped is correct.

Here is Ted Rall’s recent article: here

Here is my response:

Top Five Reasons Ted Rall (and other white people) should not question the Jena 6 Students

1. If your white ass has never been in jail, don’t tell someone else what justice is.

2. Probably not easy to imagine the feeling of seeing a noose in a tree, and realizing it means YOU.

3. Al Sharpton does not have a perfect record. But, if Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Congressman John Conyers, and Martin Luther King III can agree, they probably don’t need a white person second-guessing them.

4. First they came for the gypsies…

5. Like your momma said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Important Update!

I wrote to Ted Rall, and he actually answered me back. (Which I think is impressive, from someone who is syndicated.)

The most important thing I thought I should do is clarify that Ted Rall has spent time in prison – in America, and abroad while reporting stories. So, he does have that experience. And, to clarify that Ted Rall in no way criticized Al Sharpton.

I still disagree with Ted Rall’s position. But, instead of this short little list, I am working on an article about why white people should demand all charges be dropped for the Jena 6 Students. To be posted on the wilderside in the next few days…

2 Responses

  1. I think Ted Rall is right. Those Criminals deserve to stay in jail especially Bell. He has a prior record and they beat the kid unconsious. They are getting exactly what they deserve. I hope they all get convicted and go to prison then maybe they will learn that its not right to harm people. I’m jewish i’ve seen so many hurtful things. People, epecially you, need to mind your own buisness and stay out of it. I hope those ingrates rot in jail.

  2. I’d be very interested in seeing Rall’s response to you. Why don’t you post it?

    I agree with everything Rall said in his editorial. I don’t think there’s any disagreement between you and I (or Rall) that the American justice system is plagued by racism, classism and sexism – indeed, that there is a one standard of justice for those who are privilaged and one standard for those who are not.

    Nor do I think we would disagree with respect to the need to change these injustices NOW rather than tomorrow.

    However, to say that “white people should not question the Jena Six” is beyond the pale. No one – not corporations, not presidents, not school kids – should be considered beyond reproach. Its a simple philosophical maxim – “You are responsible for the predictable consequences of your actions.”

    While it is imperative that everyone work for a more democratic, just society, absolving people of violent acts by virtue of their society’s injustices does nothing to advance an otherwise noble and necessary cause.

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