Cynthia McKinney in Iowa City, Liveblog

 from John Deeth Blog

 McK compares the present era to the civil rights era in that things arebad — but in the `60s things were moving in the right direction andthere was hope. “How could it be that the myth of Americanprosperity could be laid bare before the world with HurricaneKatrina?” And New Orleans is a microcosm of what could happen tothe rest of America. “We had Blackwater troops patrolling the streets.How could we turn mercenaries on our own people?” They’re notrebuilding public housing, they’re building million dollar condos.

“Since they don’t have grounds to go to war, they lie to the Americanpeople.” Says last two elections were stolen. “How could it be thatwe let these things happen and yet do nothing?” “You know that theelection in Florida was stolen, and you know what happened, andyet we did nothing. In 2004, as in 2000, the theft turned on the blackvote.” Yet Dems, who get 90% of black vote, did nothing. “Wherewas the dissent on the part of the Democratic party, who concededthe very next day in 2004.” Says we know what happened in Ohio in2004 because of the Greens.

“Election theft didn’t start with electronic voting machines, but nowwe have a problem with electronic voting machines.” Cites errors inher district in `06, and ongoing court battled. “The court ruled that theelection results belonged to Diebold. That’s the state now where weare.”

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