Cindy Sheehan: Shun Lesser of 2 Evils

All Power to the People
by Cindy Sheehan  

If anyone thinks that politicians truly cast their votes out of integrity and some kind of shared values and not with their own best interests at heart, there is some self-delusion happening there. We the People essentially have no power and no real say in how we are governed, how our tax money is spent, how our armed services are used, or even, essentially who we get to vote for. The primaries are just an exercise to see which candidate raises the most money and the corporate media follows that person and makes him/her the presumptive nominee before any American citizen even gets a chance to vote.

How do we change this paradigm in America?

In true populist fashion an election revolution must begin in this country. We must not “waste” our votes on candidates because of the “lesser of two evils” illogic. Voting for the LOTE is like saying to oneself: Should I vote for Satan or Beelzebub? Voting for a third party or Independent candidate that reflects your values not only allows you to hold your head high, but sends a message to the corrupt duopoly of Democrats and Republicans that We the People are deadly serious when we say that we want a nation that cares about its own citizens and has a system of checks and balances that truly reins in any facet of our government that grabs for power not guaranteed in the separation of powers of our Constitution.

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