Let Cynthia Debate

A Question For All Candidates
by Bill Willers

The League of Women Voters hosted presidential debates until 1987 when the Commission on Presidential Debates, dominated by the two principal parties, took control. The Commission has since attempted to exclude from debates those candidates from small but established “alternate” or “third” political parties. As anyone who has seen “An Unreasonable Man” knows, Ralph Nader, while presidential nominee for the Green Party, and despite having a ticket to attend a debate, was prevented by a henchman in a police uniform from even entering the site.

Cynthia McKinney, so admired within progressive and environmental communities, and for years a prime target for right wing attack, will most certainly be the Green Party nominee for president. That being so, it is appropriate that all democrats and all republicans running for the presidency should, simply and directly, answer the following:

Cynthia McKinney is to be the presidential nominee for the Green Party, a recognized political party in the United States. Would you support her inclusion in the presidential debates? If not, why not? If so, what would you do to see that she is not excluded?

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[Note:  The so-called Commission of Presidential Debates is merely a joint venture of the Democratic & Republican parties which is funded by large corporations.]

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