Take the SF Chronicle poll on the Green Party

Subject: Take the SF Chronicle poll on the Green Party

In a sidebar next to the online version of the
San Francisco Chronicle story covering the Green
presidential debate, there’s a readers’ poll on
the Green Party:
http://www.sfgate. com/cgi-bin/ article.cgi? f=/c/a/2008/ 01/14/MNMOUEQ25. DTL

Currently, “Green Party is irrelevant nonsense”
and “Could hurt the Democrats again” are leading
“Necessary progressive alternative” by a strong

If enough Greens go to the page and vote, maybe we can turn the poll results around.

[Editor’s note from Kimberly: Ian! Why did you put that up? It has that nasty piece of propaganda…”could hurt the Democrats AGAIN.” When did the greens ever hurt the Dems? Horrible presumption. Don’t people understand that if Nader was in the race, and Al Gore WON the most votes (as all recounts later stated), then Nader being in the race allowed Al Gore to win?! Eek! Okay, Ian, you can leave this silly poll up, if I can write an editor’s note. KW]

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