Corporations Win Over Democracy: Kucinich Loses Bid to Debate

(The headline above is from the Cleveland Leader, the text from the wilderside)

I feel sad for Kucinich and the people that support him for president. But, I hope they all also think about how it is the greens feel when our candidates get blocked from debates.

Anyway, with the Democrat debate on MSNBC scheduled for later tonight, and an up-to-the-moment court battle to see if Dennis Kucinich had a right to participate, the courts finally ruled against Kucinich.

Let the corporate game go on!

(I think that a conservative should determine that the Secret Service is not allowed to attend and provide security to a candidate debate, unless all candidates are invited. You know, somehow or other, the money and resources used from the debate really belong to “the commons” and are really connected to our tax dollars. What a scam!)

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  1. Haha, great angle on it. No Secret Service without all candidates included. Never thought of that one.

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