Breaking news: Nader announces exploratory committee

Kucinich out.

Edwards out.

Ralph Nader in. Ralph Nader announced his presidential exploratory committee today.

More info here at the Nader Explore site. More news to follow here at the wilderside.

Short video of Ralph Nader’s vision for third parties:

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2 Responses

  1. As I was thinking I’d have to vote for Hillary — Obama’s even closer to AIPAC and all hot air — along comes Ralph. A vote I won’t have to hold my nose to make! I would certainly consider Cynthia McKinney and think she’s great but Ralph really drives the Dems and the media nuts. Yea for Ralph!

  2. I can already hear the sound of thousands of bricks dropping in thousands of Democrat lavatories around the country. Good!

    Nader is arguably more qualified to hold the office of president than any actual prior occupant of that office.

    Run, Ralph, run!

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