Updated: (but still) wildly unofficial Massachusetts Green Party results

The Green Party of Massachusetts is trying to collect their own results. For lists of counties and media results, go to the Green-Rainbow party’s community page here.

Below are 3 sets of numbers (bonus sets, from about Feb 8, at the “more” link) from the MA Green Party Primary. One is from a media report about the Boston results. The bottom list is from a “5 city” informal count by a MA green activist. The middle section is a later/bigger count by the same MA green. The main point is what Ballot Access News reported: We don’t know the answer, but it seems Nader and McKinney are neck and neck.

From The Wicked Local:

…the Green Party, where in Boston, 184 people cast ballots. Ralph Nader emerged the winner in the city with 67 votes, compared to 64 for second-place finisher Cynthia McKinney. There were also 26 write-ins and 14 people who had no preference…

The numbers here are so scattered, the thoughts about how long this will take is the most valuable information. Still, for people eager for news from all fronts, here is an excerpt from an e-mail from a Massachusetts green activist:

Latest updated “wildly unofficial”… with all counties not reporting:

  • Nader 219
  • McKinney 191
  • Mesplay 16
  • Ball 15
  • Brown 8
  • Swift 6
  • No Pref 24
  • Write-ins 62

Older numbers from the green activist in MA:
…I am starting a tally sheet – with only 5 of the major cities so far (I dont know that you should even preliminarily publish these – I’ll email later today when hopefully others will have gotten me their results – the pattern is inconsistent so far):

  • McKinney 158
  • Nader 153
  • Ball 12
  • Mesplay 7
  • Brown 6
  • Swift 3
  • No Pref 12
  • Write-ins 34

    I was given a spreadsheet from an MA green activist working on this. The Western MA results on the sheet were as follows:

    • Nader = 132
    • McKinney = 96
    • Mesplay=17
    • Swift=12
    • Brown=9
    • Ball=7

    The random city results are a few charts above (chart with Nader at 219 and McKinney at 191)

    When I merged the Western MA with the random city above (taking out duplicated cities), I got the following numbers, which reflect more votes, but are definitely not precise, and definitely not the final result (leaves out Eastern MA, non-city votes):

    • Nader =317
    • McKinney=271
    • Mesplay=29
    • Ball=19
    • Brown=17
    • Swift=17

    So, McKinney and Nader are still close. Summarizing all my streams of data and unofficial numbers: Nader wins under most reports, but McKinney was on top in one report (the first report back).

    Excitedly awaiting official reports which should be available in a week or so. Check back.

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