Twilight Hotel

Twilight Hotel in Babylon, NY

Dave and Brandy, the band Twilight Hotel, performed in Babylon Village, Long Island on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2008. And, they announced the news that earlier that day, they had gotten engaged. (She held up the ring, he also mentioned later in stage banter that they had made phonecalls to both Mom’s in Canada that day.)

Twilight Hotel rocking the accordion

Accordion is so fun. Twilight Hotel used accordion for songs both dark and cheery, and it worked wonderfully.

Twilight Hotel in the molecule

Lots of really good guitar. When Ian’s old band used to go into a jammin’, improv, little-out-there bridge, we called it “being in the molecule.” Twilight Hotel had a couple of really great molecule moments, besides a whole night of beautiful lyrics and fine musicianship. Brandy’s voice is amazing.

ISW: Mike Kornfeld of had recommended this show to us.  Mike’s been writing about Twilight for a while. The night was made a sucess by the house concert impresarios Karen and Jack Finkenberg.  Karen emceed (despite her cold) and  Jack worked the sound board.
Mike joined us at the nearby Pisces Cafe after the show.  Mike & Kimberly tried the banana cake Justine made special.  I had the old standby Pisces Brownie.  Though we’ve been at a lot of the same places over the years, I remembered the last time I got to sit down and break bread with Mike was Valentine’s Day 11 years ago.  Mike reached further back, and remembered we first met when he was a 24yo first running for office, and I was 18 working on my Mom’s town board campaign.

for twilight hotel

rough limbs
raw breath
burning slow
the shiny parts
thumbing the keys
brown golden green
fear of being too young
too you
another blues boy
king of music
left playing

by ian wilder

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