Demystifying Single-Payer Universal Health Care video


Excerpts from a discussion on Single-Payer Universal Health Care with Mary Reed Dewar of the LI Coalition for a National Health Plan. E-mail contact: Taped at PeaceSmiths Monthly Community Forum. Music is La Toupie (The Top) by George Bizet.

In the video, Mary Reed Dewar, an R.N., gives an overview of the current health care system in New York. She shows how we already have 51% public and 49% private funding. The next logical step is Single Payer, Universal Health Care. And, in fact, many of the other proposals like a public-private system, won’t work and won’t change much.

Also talks about how you can get copies of Michael Moore’s film “Sicko” to show at a house party.

As Mary Dewar pointed out in the long version of her presentation, health care is a right, just like education. And, it is something people need to get serious about. A house party is the least you can do to defend your family’s rights and your family’s health…right?

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