Poets in Port 2/29/08 Update & Nest of Flames Instant Book Party 4/18/08

Barb Reiher-Meyers won’t be able to read next Friday, but fortunately J.R. Turek is available to be the featured reader for Poets in Port. 7:30pm, Feb 29, Caffe Portofino, Northport.

More info here:


Rain Fever
Nest Balance
Color Wind
Spoken Egg

* * * *

Spring starts with a time of balance. A month later birds build nests. Join us at an instant book party to assemble


Bring 50 copies of your page of writing/drawings/photos/music/? . Place them on a table. Collate one of each page and the cover (designed by a local artist TBA) and staple them on the side.

Read your poem(s), talk about your images, etc.

Go home with a book.

Poetry Cafe, Conklin Barn, SW Corner of High Street and NY Avenue, Huntington
8pm, Friday, April 18

Does ‘Nest of Flames’ refer to the Phoenix? to Heraclitus? to Arthur Rimbaud? to Charles Henri Ford? to John Ciardi? to the Talking Heads? to Bob Dylan? to Marion Roach? to a solar eclipse? to Samantha Hahn? Yes. Mostly to your own sense of the term, obvious to you, but perhaps to no one else. And to whatever rises from all of these like the young but ancient phoenix.

RSVP (to be sure 50 is enough copies—not required) or for more information: stevenschmidt@optonline.net 631-261-5631


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